What is Italianhomesource.com?
Italianhomesource.com is the premier Italian relocation and real estate guide, complete with a database of thousands of Italian real estate and property listings available all in one package. This site was created for all of the people who would like to purchase a home in Italy the correct way and get exactly what they want in a home. Italianhomesource.com is very easy to access, and extremely fullfilling. To look at some of our listings click here
What does Italianhomesource.com provide?
We provide a complete guide to real estate in Italy, the customs, geography and law, as well as the internet's biggest, most complete database of listings and resources, for a small, ONE-TIME payment. Members of our site can also reach us eithr with our online form, email or by instant messenger. We upload new listings every week and add new resources every month. I'll say it again! -IT IS JUST $19.95 FOR THE WHOLE THING! -You dont have to pay for an agent ever again. -We will show you how to orginize your home shopping and move easy! I'll see you in the Database section.
Q: How can these homes be so cheap?
A: In addition to the current opportunities found through our website, every day thousands of Italians default on their home or property payments, or fail to abide by certain laws which in turn, causes the law enforcement agencies to "seize" these homes indefinetly. Banks and financial institutions also confiscate homes as well. Because of the enormous expense to maintain these homes, the only solution for these institutions is to auction them off quickly, at extremely discounted prices. The people who have access to these direct sources are presented with amazing deals not possible any other way.
Q: So why doesn't everybody buy a home this way?
A: These are closely guarded resources only used by realtors and they are not advertised to the general public, However we have aquired tons of information and access rights to make available to our members, in turn enabling them to take advantage of these incredible bargains. Bargains of up to 90% off!
Q: Is the traditional seized real estate auction a complicated process?
A: Not complicated at all, Traditional Auctions are simple, easy, and the auctioneers will be very happy that you are there. You can inspect photos and information early, then bid from sometimes $1000, and if there are barely no attendees there you can most likely purchase the home you want for the amount you want!
Q: Are there all different sizes and worths?
A: As many sizes and shapes as you see anywhere in Italy, and there are going to be alot of newer homes that were bought with loans, and luxury million dollar homes that were not paid for.
Q: Are there any hidden fees to buy a home this way?
A: NO HIDDEN FEES AT ALL! Just property tax and your regular mortgage payment!
Q: Can I check the history that I am interested in purchasing?
A: Yes! Many auction center and online auction will offer you a complimentary report before you start bidding.
Q: Do you have examples of some of the homes purchased by your customers?
A: Check out our TESTIMONIALS page for actual examples...
What if I lose my password?
If you are a paid member and you cannot access the database, simply contact us by email with your name and we will issue you a new password with direct access.
Is the initial fee a one time only fee?
Yes It is a one time fee! You only need to purchase your Italianhomesource.com membership ONCE and then you will receive unlimited access to all our features. There are absolutely no hidden monthly or annual fees whatsoever. Other services that are similar might charge additional fees but Italianhomesource is a one time flat fee which gets you full access.
After I sign up, when can I begin using the system?
After you submit your payment information to ClickBank, you will automatically be given login information to access our members section. Members can also sign in on the Italianhomesource.com homepage, click the "members" link and login with your username and password that was given to you. You will not be required to download anything or submit any personal information.
Can I pay using a credit card, electronic check or paypal?
You can purchase a membership to Italianhomesource.com through ClickBank with Visa or MasterCard, with an electronic check or debit card, or with Paypal.
Is it difficult to download? Is my computer compatible with Italianhomesource.com?
The Italianhomesource.com database will work with all computers (PC and Mac) and all operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux). If you run into a problem opening an mp3 or accessing a link, we provide links to update your system and we offer full customer service, so just simply contact us by email and we have people standing by to help you.
Do you have listings on Italian Islands?
Yes we have listings all over Italy and you will be put in direct contact with the biggest owners of homes and land.